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Quality Policy
We at Alex Industries are into manufacturing and exporter of pharmaceutical bulk drugs, intermediates and chemicals of consistent quality that will satisfy the continuing needs of our customers worldwide.

We shall achieve this by adoption of total quality management principles and adherence to all requirements through quality assurance system.
We shall be continually upgrading the quality of our people, products and processes to meet the ever–increasing needs of our customers.
Manufacturing Capacities  
Dedicated manufacturing area for Intermediate Chlorhexidine Base .
Dedicated manufacturing area for Bulk Drug Chlorhexidine Gluconate.
Total Manufacturing Capacity 65 MT/Month
Manufacturing Capacity of Chlorhexidine Base 20 MT/Month
Current average production ~ 12 MT/Month
Major equipment in production
Major QC Instrumen

Water system
Process water is used in the manufacturing process which is meeting the requirement of potable water quality
Sampling and Analysis of Process water is done on daily basis.
Ventilation system
Intermediate manufacturing area are provided with natural air circulation through window covered with Grill frame.
Quality Assurance
We supplying our molecules/products to various pharmaceutical industry,
quality systems as applicable to Pharmaceutical manufacturing is maintained.

Qualification & Validation of equipments and instruments.
Process validation for the manufacturing process.
Training to Employees.
Change control and deviations management.
Out of specifications.
Annual Product Quality Review.
Self Inspection program.
Quality Systems (contd..)
Vendor Management
In-process Controls
Calibrations of all Weights & Measuring Devices.
Pest & Rodent Control.
Planned Preventive Maintenance
Document & Data Control
Product Complaint Handling
Product Recalls Procedure
Improvements implemented and on the Anvil
Improved various quality systems to meets requirements matching Current Good Manufacturing Practice for Bulk Drugs.
Instruments like Head Space Gas Chromatography (HSGC), IR Spectrophotometer & Muffle furnace to be procure.
To overcome the limitation of bigger batch size RCVD cum Blender is going to be introduced.
We are conceiving the Re-packing area.
Concept of Quality Risk Management under implementation.
Review of the Entire Quality management system based on risk management approach
Request to respected inspectors
Kindly do not pick/touch chemicals during rounds, as they may be dangerous/corrosive.
You will be escorted at all places by responsible persons of respective departments.

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