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Being Leader in Manufacturing & Exporting Chlorhexidine

Alex Industries is one of the leading manufacturer and Exporter of Chlorhexidine Base and its Salts.

Since 2000 We are in Pharmaceutical Chemicals – Bulk Drugs – Intermediates

Established in 2000, Alex Industries is one of India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical chemicals companies. An integrated, research-oriented, privately owned company with a focus on supplying affordable, quality products both in India and International markets, Alex Industries is trusted by healthcare professionals globally. Today, Alex Industries exports to over 30 countries across the world and earns more than half its revenue from its international business.

Product Range

Alex Industries is manufacturing and exporting Bulk Drugs like Chlorhexidine Base & its salts, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Aromatics (Fragrance) Products, Industrial Solvents and Organic Pigments.

Pharmaceutical Intermedieates Bulk Drugs (Chlorhexidine) – Aromatics

Bulk Drugs

Leading Manufacturer of Chlorhexidine & Salts

Chlorhexidine Base, Chlorhexidine Digluconate 20% Solution, Chlorhexidine Hydrochloride, Chlorhexidine Di Acetate


Phenothiazine & Piperazine Derivatives

2-Trifluoro Methyl Phenothiazine, 2-Chloro Phenothiazine, 1,4-(Nitro Phenyl)-4-(4-Methoxy Phenyl) Piperazine, N-Acetyl-4-(4-Hydroxy Phenyl) Piperazine, N-Phenyl Piperazine (NPP)

News & Achievements

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